09 June 2011

"She'll want to thank you three times a day!"

In-Sink-Erator garbage disposer ad c. 1960s

"The whole family will thank you, too... because Mother will have more time to spend with the children."

She cooked the meals, raised the children, and pampered her man on the couch...
all while looking great in her dress and pearls without a hair out of place.

Maybe those really were the good old days? -- at least for him.

08 June 2011

"It's nice to have a girl around the house."

Mr. Leggs trousers ad c. 1970s

...but she's always getting under foot.

"Be ready for the frightened ones before their fears begin."

Nembutal Sodium Suppositories ad c. 1955.
(no longer available in the U.S.)
When little patients balk at scary, disquieting examinations (before you've begun)...
When they're frightened and tense (and growing more fearful by the minute)...
When they need prompt sedation (and the oral route isn't feasible)... try

Hey, Doc! Have frightened child patients?
You could either turn your focus towards the doctor-patient relationship...
or just ram Nembutals up their asses -- totally your call.

07 June 2011

"Accidental Discharge Impossible"

Iver Johnson Revolvers ad c. 1950s.
(went out of business in 1993)

Here you go, Sweetheart.
If you see that boogieman again, shoot him in the face!

I bet that criminal wishes he had an Iver Johnson revolver! 
They're always ready, and only $5!

Did you know Iver Johnson revolvers were used to shoot and kill both President William McKinley in 1901 and Presidential candidate Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in 1968?

Iver Johnson revolvers... #1 with a bullet!

06 June 2011

"Beverages and Diversions"

Pan American World Airways on-board service menu c. 1950.

You'll notice "Benzedrine Inhalers" is listed under the heading "Service Items."
(made a prescription drug by FDA in 1959)

There was a time when you didn't have to take off your shoes in the airport...
...AND you got free uppers on the plane.

05 June 2011

"You mean a woman can open it?"

Del Monte Ketchup ad c. 1953.

"You don't need a knife, a bottle opener, or even your husband to unscrew the cap of this bottle - just a little twist of the Alcoa HyTop Closure, made of pure aluminum, and that ketchup is ready to pour."

 Then childproof caps came along, and women were back on the outside looking in again.

"...woe be unto you!"

Chase & Sanborn Coffee ad c. 1952.

"...flat, stale coffee" has never been more fun!